who am I?

wp-1473007937333.jpgHi! Nice to meet you.

I’m a forever young type of woman, having raised 7 children who are now all out and on their own, and have 4 adorable grandchildren that I enjoy spending time with. Two of my awesome offspring are transgender, and at least a couple more identify as queer.

I have been a Registered Nurse since I was 20, but never embraced traditional western medicine for myself or my family. In the last few years I discovered Ayurveda, and am now a certified Ayurvedic Practitioner with a passion for working with women like me – post menopausal and needing better health, more balance, and vibrant energy so they can carry out their life purpose.

I’m updating this in late 2021, and am happy to report that I have been happily married for almost 4 years. They say the third time’s the charm, and it seems to be so. I wrote a bit about it in a post you can read here.  I’ve been called a hippie, and although I really don’t know what others mean by that, ok, I’ll take it. I’ve always bucked the system a bit, but now, as I get older, I’m finding that to be even more true!

I held some fairly dogmatic beliefs for about 20 years, but since  about 2009, I have become more progressive and open-minded, and am constantly exploring and updating those beliefs. Since March of 2014 I have meditated regularly twice daily, and this practice is now the core of my spirituality.

I have worked full time, quit my job with the idea of opening a wellness practice, then returned to work full time as a case manager. Last year I quit my job again and did a couple of contract gigs, and now, at the age of 65, I plan to return to work full time for a year or so. After that, who knows?

This is just a  little bit about me. Someday maybe I’ll write a book about my life.


11 thoughts on “who am I?

    • Thank you very much Helen. I really appreciate it. However, after giving it a good deal of thought, I have decided that I am not going to participate. I see the process of accepting the award as time-consuming, and since I still work full time, I am just not willing to use the spare time I have to pick 7 blogs and answer the questions. I do think it is a beautiful thing though!


  1. Hi Saralynne7 – you meditate twice daily, how does this impact on your life? Have you noticed any differences which you are able to talk about? I meditate, but I don’t feel that much different to when I didn’t. But I continue to do so because there are supposed to be obvious health benefits.


    • I don’t know what is going on with WordPress, but I don’t seem to be getting comments through in my “notifications”. Thankfully I stumbled across your reply today (somehow!), and thanks for your comment. That would make an interesting blog post – go for it! Now that I have an idea of what it is I should be achieving from meditation, I will know what signs to look for. Thank you! 🙂

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  2. Hello! I apologise for not writing sooner but I just wanted to say thanks for following me and my little blog (not that I *blog* much, its mostly pics….I’m kind of shy like that!) But I like your blog too and I’m hoping eventually to be able to share bits and bobs of life (as opposed to grumbling) :p

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  3. HI, Sara! Thanks for following my blog and diet, exercise and living past 100. I am enjoying my visit to yours. It nice that you have integrated two meditation sessions into your daily ‘semi-retired’ life. Sounds like a neat trick. The closest I come to meditation is when I ride my bike. My mind feels totally free. Keep up the good work!

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