Rainy season is not over

Martes manana 6 am

temp around 68, overcast and rainy

Today I sit in the little nook next to the kitchen with my cafe con leche y azucar

Yesterday was not so fun – it was sunny in the morning but we drove up into the clouds to Parque National Volcan Irazu and it was cold! then it started to rain. Couldn’t see any volcanic craters.

Then we went to Hacienda Oriso where there are hot springs, but the rain kept coming, ceasing periodically but offering no sunshine. The warmth of the springs was nice, but overall, I don’t think I would want to do it again. I don’t really like getting into pools or springs or even the ocean, except to cool off when its hot, then only for a short time. It was very beautiful, though, and there is a large covered open air restaurant where we partook of food and a little wine. On the way back, in the dark and rain, I put a book in my ears and kept my eyes closed. Much more relaxing than worrying about the driving.

Words and phrases I have learned:

casadas – typical meal of rice, beans, picadillo, salad, plantains, protein

sobramesa – table time

que diche – so very good!

colocho pelo – curly hair

picadillo – tiny chopped up vegetables

cafe choreado – pourover coffee

Road Trip Day 3: Oklahoma to Missouri

Today was a day that put the road in road trip. Lots of musings about travel, relationships, how people live, what I want to do with my life – ideas for future blog posts for when I’m not driving 500 miles a day, solo. I need to get a tool so I can dictate my thoughts when I’m traveling. Hard to use my phone because I’m using it for google maps. I do listen to music and audiobooks too. My song for the day: On the Road Again. Of course! I love me some Willie Nelson!

I was three hours down the road, singing along with Willie, when I realized I left my toiletry bag in the hotel room. It was the last thing I packed but somehow it didn’t make it to the car. It is a really nice, compact bag which I love, so I called the hotel and they are mailing it to the location I will be at in a few days. This, finding food, and driving through a major rainstorm were the major events of the day.

Missouri sky

Tonight, I am in Rolla, Missouri.