Road trip Day 6 – Ohio across Pennsylvania to New York

The rain that I drove through most of the day was a delicious, misty, soaking-the-earth type of rain. I relished it, remembering the monotony of the dry climate when I was in Carson City in the summer. I love rain (but not if it is torrrential while I’m driving!)

I slept soundly in the wonderful airbnb bed, and really wouldn’t have minded staying there longer!

Wonderful house with lovely people

But, I still have people to see! So I packed up my stuff, and got a delicious coffee and a fig scone at Rising Star Coffee roasters. I tried to eat it outside, but had competition from bees so had to make a run for it.

I then got my first glimpse of Lake Erie at the Cleveland Lakefront Nature Preserve – a really nice place to walk and reflect.

After that I drove east on Lakefront Road for a while, enjoying periodic views of the lake, and found a small park, perfect for a picnic lunch by the water.

Feeling satisfied, I got on Interstate 90, thinking I would make better time. That was horrible! So many 18 wheelers, and tons of traffic. So, when I got to Erie, PA, I got off that road and took Hwy 5 most of the way to Buffalo. My google map later told me I was very smart, because I was avoiding crashes on 90!

I was surprised to see acre after acre of lush vineyards between Lake Erie and the well-maintained two lane road I travelled on. Sometimes there were cornfields on the other side. I loved driving through the small towns, and looked enviously at the interesting homes with the Great Lake in their backyard. I wondered what it was like, waking every morning to that sight! I also wondered what it was like in the winter!

The rain got a little heavier, traffic in Buffalo was a mess, but I arrived in Niagara, happy to have another place to lay my head.

This guy was playing amazingly at the rest area/welcome center in Pennsylvania!

Tomorrow: The Falls!

Road Trip Day 5 – Ohio, the state with 3 C cities

My friend moved to Ohio a couple of years ago. She told me which city she lives in, but never gave me her address. We’d been texting back and forth about me stopping by for a short visit on this trip, and were both excited! So, last night I was updating her with my plans, after I had booked a place to stay in Cleveland. Well….turns out, she lives in Cincinatti! I laughed at myself so hard, and laughed even more when I looked back at my texts that clearly say that’s where she lives!

I decided that I wanted to go to Cleveland anyway, to see Lake Erie. So this morning I got up really early, hit the road while it was still dark. Brought back some of my best childhood memories. My parents would pack up the family station wagon, the rented Uhaul, the cartop carrier that fit under the canoe, and get all us kids up and in the car along with the dog and be on the road by 5 am.

I wasn’t quite that early, but did get to her place by 10, after getting to experience a gorgeous sunrise. We chatted and caught up and took a walk and she gave me some great cookies. Then I was on my way and got to my airbnb in Cleveland by 4:30.

Cincinnati to Cleveland is about the same distance as Houston to San Antonio, but a bit more interesting. The Texas trip, which I’ve made quite a few times, is straight, flat, and just generally nothing to look at. The Ohio trip started out being kinda similar, but Columbus was along the way, breaking up the monotony, and after that, the trees were pretty with the start of fall colors

Right now I am very tired, and happy that tonight, I am sleeping in a comfortable bed in an awesome home. I have no idea what I’m going to do tomorrow!

My friend is a very private person so I’m not posting a picture with her, so here is the beautiful sunrise.