October Adventures

October is half over. At the beginning of this month I had a few plans, but most of what I encounter is unexpected. Even the plans take their own twists and turns. More and more I realize that I am just along for the ride, and I can cover my eyes in fear or face whatever comes with excitement, even, or especially, the little things.



I took a mosaic class, and here is the result.Not bad for a first project. My teacher is Michelle Patrick. She’s pretty awesome.

mosaic pot

I took an online quiz – which movie star are you? and got this result. Fun!

Bette Davis

I enjoyed a martini happy hour with some friends.


I completed the hot belly diet in the prescribed 30 days. I lost a few pounds, but it was more of a resculpturing, I think. My belly is definitely hotter. haha. Seriously, I lost some belly fat and feel much better, more energetic. What I’m taking away from the experience is mostly to be more aware of what I’m eating, and how much, no matter what it is. I’m not eating between meals, and now sip on hot water and tea rather than ice water, as it is much better for digestion. But I am back to drinking a cup of coffee in the morning, half decaf. My current favorite coffee and recipe is Bulletproof.

I enjoyed this beautiful sunset.


And… the month is only half over.

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