The best thing to do when frustration sets in is STOP.

So that’s what I did after writing my last post. I decided not to write, or paint, or work on my organic home business, and just enjoy life. So what have I been doing?

I’ve gone to a couple of social events – dinner, a movie, through

I took a road trip to Austin last weekend, ate at some great places and spent some relaxed time with my son and some friends. Just driving – alone or with a companionable companion, watching the scenery, listening to music, talking – is very decompressing.

I took a class in mosaics, which was enjoyable, but I’ve decided that I’d rather paint!

I’ve been learning more about Ayurveda, and started  a 30 day program to “reset” my digestion – The Hot Belly diet. I’m on day 18 and feeling great!

I’ve signed up for a course through the Chopra Center – Synchrodestiny.

It came to me very clearly a few days ago that what I really, really want to do is get a health coach certification, and make a difference in the lives of people who are seeking wellness rather than embracing illness. Working in a hospital around sick people can be rather depressing after a while. Most of the clientele, at least at the hospital where I work, are in and out, chronically ill, dependent on doctors and pills, not really changing the way they live and really get better. So I am going to start writing down ideas and see where this goes.

Last but not least I’m moving my muscles again, slowly!  A little yoga, a few kettle bell swings, walking — the main thing is – RELAX!

What do you like to do when stress has taken over and you need to  relax?

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