Maybe I should be an advice columnist

My first post was written during one of those inspirational moments that usually get away from me, but I had been thinking for quite some time about starting a blog, so I just went with it. That post is here. I just reread it myself, to give myself some inspiration. In some ways, I am writing for myself, and if anyone else enjoys it, that’s great. I want to be an encourager for anyone who is struggling with the uncertainty of what is around the next corner, who feels out of control, who may need a shoulder to cry on.

Are you at a place in your life where you want something to change? Maybe you are in a not so great relationship, or have adult children who aren’t following the path you wanted for them, or your health is deteriorating. I have something to offer you.

I’ve been married twice. That means I could look at myself as a failure in relationships. But I’m not. I take those times as a part of my life journey, what I needed to get where I am today. And have found myself, unexpectedly, in a beautiful loving relationship, with an amazing person. I had to change from within before this could happen, and learn to love and take care of myself.

I have 7 incredible children, all grown now, the youngest in college. When they were young, I homeschooled them, taught them what I believed at the the time to be truth, made some huge mistakes, and loved them, imperfectly, through it all. I have learned great things from each of them, and in spite of me they all think for themselves and are on their own beautiful journeys.

I have always pursued healthy living. When I was younger, I was sort of a Mother Earth, very thrifty, made things like bread and yogurt from scratch, had a garden,ate a lot of beans and whole grains. I’ve gone through some periods of not so healthy eating, but know that I feel better and function better when I eat to make my body and mind happy. Now I am interested in Ayurveda, and also believe that as I think, so I am.

These three topics are where my wisdom and experience lie. I could write a lot about any of them. I’m a Registered Nurse, but don’t like traditional medicine. I’ve thought about making career changes – becoming a psychotherapist, or a writer, a health or life coach. I still haven’t decided, but here I am writing, so that’s a start.

What are you struggling with? How can I help? Ask me a question, or share your own wisdom. I’d love to hear from you.

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