All or nothing

Daily post prompt: what is more dangerous, wanting everything or wanting nothing?

Interesting question, but my first reaction is that it is rather dumb. After all, where’s the danger in just wanting? In pondering further, I suppose there is danger to one’s emotional state.

If I want nothing then I am stuck, stagnant like an algae covered pond. If I want everything…well what does that mean? Everything is a vague word.

Do I want to be very wealthy and have many possessions? Do I want to rule the world, or the universe? Do I want to possess great wisdom and have all the answers to life’s mysteries? All this  doesn’t really cover everything!

So to answer the question– either way it isn’t so much dangerous as it is sad. I believe in contentment with what I have, dreaming, and setting goals and intentions. Anything more or less just seems depressing.

Written on my phone while waiting for my number to be called at the driver’s license office.

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