Time Marches on

March is upon us, February now another memory.

Winter is my least favorite month. Having been raised in the south, where snow is a rarity and cold weather a bother, I don’t own very many winter clothes. I think I have 5 sweaters and I only have one coat that I use on a regular basis. Two weeks ago it was up in the 70’s, then the storm that dumped snow on the north brought temps here to the 30’s again. I look forward to seeing the flowers blooming again, very soon.

My baby girl, my youngest, turned 19 in February. Young mothers, take note. Enjoy your babies and your young children, for they grow up very very fast.

“Cleaning and scrubbing can wait til tomorrow, for babies grow up, we’ve learned to our sorrow. So quiet down cobwebs, dust go to sleep, I’m rocking my baby, and babies don’t keep.”               -author unknown

I wrote 4 blog posts in February, and posted 2 pictures.  Not as much as I had been doing, but I feel like I had a turning point in that I quit focusing on stats and writing just for the sake of writing. I journal a lot and decided to return to writing longhand for awhile, to see if it changes the flow. I read some of my journal from the past year, and what kept coming up was – “I want to” – write, paint, study, exercise, eat healthier, travel.  I’m determined to get rid of the I want to attitude, and just do it instead of putting it off.

Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.              – Steve Jobs

I added 3 pages to my blog – paintings, fav fotos, and my reading list. I read  A Spool of Blue Thread by Ann Tyler, the first fiction book I’ve enjoyed in a long time. I started the year with 5 titles, and now have 10 on the list. I’ve cut back on Netflix to make time for reading!

I’m on the verge of enrolling in a course of study to be an Ayurvedic practiioner. I’m 99% sure I’m going to do it. The only drawback is that I might not get to read as many books as I’ve been planning.

I painted this picture, my favorite so far.

between worlds

I have signed up for Photography 101 in March, so you will see photos here, primarily. I have ideas for blog topics, but they have been getting lost between my brain and my pen!

And I started a facebook fan page. 🙂

Goals for March:    Keep showing up!  Take pictures, read, write, paint.   Practice being nonjudgmental. Follow my heart.

7 thoughts on “Time Marches on

  1. Lovely painting . . . the colors are so soothing! Winter is my least favorite, too. March especially — it’s just so long and gray. Here’s hoping this March is more lamb than lion!! (I also signed up for Photography 101 — see you there!) Cheers!

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  2. Up here in Vancouver, BC we’ve had a very mild winter. The local mountains didn’t even have much in the way of a ski season unfortunately. Yet it seems that the rest of Canada, particularly the East coast and South of the border have been hit hard.

    The cherry blossoms are beginning to explode here turning the streets in strawberry ice cream and when the blossoms come off we have pink snow.

    And I see that you are very gifted indeed Sara! Love your artwork. Now that is something that if time permits down the road I would love to explore. I’ve never painted a thing in my life except for the rooms in a house. Keep at it! Maybe I’ll see your work hanging in a gallery some day!

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    • I am a little slow in replying! I thank you for your kind words. I used to paint rooms a lot, and always enjoyed the fresh look. I just started painting pictures last year. I encourage you to give it a try!

      And spring is here!


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