And now – on to Montana!

My cousin Marcia and I reconnected on Facebook about five years ago. We are second cousins, sharing a common great-grandmother known affectionately as Little Grandma, because she was less than five feet tall. We would all get together in the summer for family reunions in Oak Creek, Colorado. I barely remember Marcia as a teenager. I was pretty self-absorbed, and she and my sister are closer in age so they were friends, and I think they corresponded for years. After Marcia and became “friends” on FB, we discovered that we were likeminded about some things, and messaged each other on occasion. In 2010, when we started talking, I mentioned that I planned to travel when my kids left home – and I had my eye on Montana! So here I am, waiting in the Houston airport for my next adventure!

I’m leaving from the big airport across town this time, instead of the smaller one closer to me. My dear Robert dropped me off so I wouldn’t have to park. It is so nice to have someone in my life who is not just ok with me traveling off doing my own thing, but encourages me. I will miss him, though, and next trip, he is coming with me!

I’m taking an evening flight, leaving around 7. I am flying Delta this time, and am hoping they do better than my last travel experience with American. We board in about 20 minutes. It is in the upper 80’s here, and when I arrive in Butte around 11 it will be in the 40’s. It was quite a challenge figuring out what to bring! I brought things I can layer, so hopefully all will be well.

Marcia has made all sorts of wonderful plans, and I am so looking forward to seeing a part of the country I haven’t been to, being in the mountains, exploring her town and, of course getting to actually talk in person and swap stories!

They just announced that the plane is here, and we will be boarding in about 15 minutes! Oh dear, the flight attendants are running late, stuck in traffic. I have a 50 minute layover in Salt Lake that may turn tricky! Stay tuned….

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