Road Trip Day 3: Oklahoma to Missouri

Today was a day that put the road in road trip. Lots of musings about travel, relationships, how people live, what I want to do with my life – ideas for future blog posts for when I’m not driving 500 miles a day, solo. I need to get a tool so I can dictate my thoughts when I’m traveling. Hard to use my phone because I’m using it for google maps. I do listen to music and audiobooks too. My song for the day: On the Road Again. Of course! I love me some Willie Nelson!

I was three hours down the road, singing along with Willie, when I realized I left my toiletry bag in the hotel room. It was the last thing I packed but somehow it didn’t make it to the car. It is a really nice, compact bag which I love, so I called the hotel and they are mailing it to the location I will be at in a few days. This, finding food, and driving through a major rainstorm were the major events of the day.

Missouri sky

Tonight, I am in Rolla, Missouri.