Road Trip Day 7 – Niagara Falls and across New York State

Words and even pictures cannot capture the majesty of Niagara Falls. I had planned to go to Cave of the Winds, but after I spent an hour gazing on the Falls , and walking in the rain, I decided that I didn’t need to. I had gone on the Maid of the Mist 12 years ago and would love to do it again, but I knew that if I were to get to my next destination, I would have to get on the road.

If I’m close to a body of water, I have to go see it. I lived in an apartment with a view of a lake for four years and loved it. Only moved to be near the grandbabies. Thus, I took the more scenic and longer route so I could say hello to Lake Ontario.

After I found the park by Lake Ontario in Williamson, New York, I decided I’d better get back on the interstate or I’d be driving til midnight. It was rainy all day, but traffic wasn’t as bad as yesterday. When I was about 30 minutes from the airbnb I was aiming for, I got back on highway 5 to enjoy the last bit of my drive. I love looking at the old houses, driving through the towns, and crossing rivers. I was amazed that there were miles and miles, acres and acres of apple orchards that came right up to the road! So tempting, but I didn’t stop.

Fall colors are everywhere! Although most of the trees are still green, and the grass is a vivid green, yellows and oranges abound, and there are more and more streaks of red. Fall flowers in red, yellow, and purple beautify the roadside. I hope to get some pictures in the next couple of days.

Tonight I’m in a comfortable apartment all to myself, attached to a house, in Clifton Park, NY. Tomorrow, I arrive at my final destination, where I will stay for three nights before turning homeward.