The Golden Key

I am a seeker. I’m always looking for more. More wisdom, more truth, more answers. My mind is active, my questions are many. I’ve found answers, kept some, discarded others. I continue searching – searching for that place of peace and quiet, settledness of mind.

So as I consider the question, where would I go if I had a golden key that would open any door, it didn’t take long for me to realize that I have already had the door open to that place. The key is meditation, and the place is mysterious.

I close my eyes, take a few deep breaths, and focus inward, and my mantra flows in the background. Just the act of closing my eyes opens the door to a new world. Thoughts arise, thoughts fall, I bring my attention back to center- it becomes a sort of dance, a flow. I gradually relax, tension releases. Sometimes there are many thoughts swirling around, and I wonder “is this really meditation?” Other times I am so tired I fall asleep. Then there are the special moments when I see something profound, or have a brilliant idea — but don’t remember it later.

These are a few of the things that happen to me during meditation. What I was taught is to practice nonjudgment about whatever happens. The point is to take the time (for me, it is 30 minutes, twice daily) to sit and be with myself. There is a cleansing, a releasing, that happens during meditation. Sometimes I feel a great deal of energy, particularly in my hands and feet. Always, without me even noticing it, there are those moments when I slip into “the gap”, that place between thoughts, where peace resides.

Over time, in daily life, I realize that I am less reactive, and others who know me say “there’s something different about you.”

I think everyone experiences something different, because we are all unique. What happens to you, when you sit with yourself?



Blogging 101: Blogroll

Blogging 101 assignment: Build a better Blogroll.

I’m still not exactly sure what a blogroll is. The assignment says to share a few links to places I love. Here are a few places that I visit regularly.

Mindbodygreen has some great articles on health and relationships.

Brainpickings is an amazing collection of information and excerpts from authors. I love finding things like this, an alphabet book on embracing uncertainty and imperfection. Or this one about Leonard Cohen.

Becoming minimalist has some great articles on what is really important in life. I’ve gradually downsized over the last few years and  Joshua Becker became a sort of mentor for me in this area.

Deepak Chopra is one of the most amazing men of our time. I started meditating with one of his 21 day meditations about a year ago, which led to two trips to the Chopra Center last spring. I learned Primordial Sound Meditation, and daily practice since March has made a profound impact on how I respond to daily life. Anything he has written is worth your time.

If you have a chance to visit any of these places, let me know your opinions and thoughts. I’d love to hear from you.

Maybe I should be an advice columnist

My first post was written during one of those inspirational moments that usually get away from me, but I had been thinking for quite some time about starting a blog, so I just went with it. That post is here. I just reread it myself, to give myself some inspiration. In some ways, I am writing for myself, and if anyone else enjoys it, that’s great. I want to be an encourager for anyone who is struggling with the uncertainty of what is around the next corner, who feels out of control, who may need a shoulder to cry on.

Are you at a place in your life where you want something to change? Maybe you are in a not so great relationship, or have adult children who aren’t following the path you wanted for them, or your health is deteriorating. I have something to offer you.

I’ve been married twice. That means I could look at myself as a failure in relationships. But I’m not. I take those times as a part of my life journey, what I needed to get where I am today. And have found myself, unexpectedly, in a beautiful loving relationship, with an amazing person. I had to change from within before this could happen, and learn to love and take care of myself.

I have 7 incredible children, all grown now, the youngest in college. When they were young, I homeschooled them, taught them what I believed at the the time to be truth, made some huge mistakes, and loved them, imperfectly, through it all. I have learned great things from each of them, and in spite of me they all think for themselves and are on their own beautiful journeys.

I have always pursued healthy living. When I was younger, I was sort of a Mother Earth, very thrifty, made things like bread and yogurt from scratch, had a garden,ate a lot of beans and whole grains. I’ve gone through some periods of not so healthy eating, but know that I feel better and function better when I eat to make my body and mind happy. Now I am interested in Ayurveda, and also believe that as I think, so I am.

These three topics are where my wisdom and experience lie. I could write a lot about any of them. I’m a Registered Nurse, but don’t like traditional medicine. I’ve thought about making career changes – becoming a psychotherapist, or a writer, a health or life coach. I still haven’t decided, but here I am writing, so that’s a start.

What are you struggling with? How can I help? Ask me a question, or share your own wisdom. I’d love to hear from you.