Road trip Day 4: Across Illinois to Indiana

The sky was solid gray when I left Rolla this morning, but as I drove west through the Mark Twain forest, it cleared and became a beautiful sunny day. Before noon I was crossing the Mississippi River and humming along through southern Illinois. Except for being slightly more hilly, it reminded me of the Texas Plains.

The trees increased in Indiana and fall colors began to show. Hints of yellow, with an occasional flash of red caused me to smile with the anticipation of actually experiencing a bit of fall as I continue my travels north.

My companion on the road today was the book The Wild Girl by Jim Fergus. It is based on historical fact, the tale of a young man who joined an expedition to attempt to rescue a boy taken by the Apaches, and all that befell him and his companions along the way. It is well written and well narrated.

Finally, I arrived at my destination. My daughter and her husband live in Bloomington, Illinois, and I had not visited them there. (They moved last year). He is a college prof, working late, and she and I spent the afternoon/evening catching up, got delicious takeout, and just enjoyed each other’s company. I will sleep on their comfy couch tonight, glad to be with family instead of the sterility of a hotel.

Me and my daughter Rachel

And I have a funny to tell about tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Road trip Day 4: Across Illinois to Indiana

  1. So much love. So much joy. These are what happiness and connections with family should be like. Roadtrips and vacations with friends and family brings back so much good, kindness and inspiration that many had been missing since the pandemic began. It is time to live again to the fullest. Thanks.

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